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We envision a world that honors and values that which is unique about being a woman.


Her Wisdom educates and provides tools that help women and girls thrive and embrace their gender attributes for positive results in all of their interactions.



Women’s leadership 

In our work, we cultivate this uniqueness and channel it into the development of women leaders who will have a positive effect on their families, communities, nation and world. We are not training women to be leaders just like men rather we are training them to be leaders just like women can and should be acknowledging, owning and utilizing those differences to create a positive force.


Holistic approach 

We work across generations, with women and girls of various ages to cultivate a cultural shift in the way women and girls view themselves and thus how they are viewed by others.


Cultivating community 

Through our programming we are developing an ever-growing community among women and girls to foster positive growth and self esteem.



We honor the work of those involved and also are dedicated to maintaining program costs that are accessible for participants.  We are committed to making our programming available to girls and women of all socio-economic classes.



We embrace and honor cultural differences. In today’s global world, we are dedicated to learning from those differences to ensure that women become more positive role models and leaders.

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