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cultivating leadership

a retreat for women

26-27 january

Rudramandir Center

Berkeley, CA

This 2-day workshop is an opportunity for us to reflect on our roles as women working to educate the next generation. We will consider what it means to us to be women, and particularly how we think about educating girls and about educating boys.

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About The retreat

Over the past two generations, our culture has increasingly taught women and girls that to be equal we need to be the same as men. Yet being a woman is different. Honoring this difference can only enrich our interactions, primarily by allowing us to enrich ourselves.

in this retreat you will: 

  • Redefine the cultural initiation we are offering to girls today

  • Build self awareness and self confidence

  • Acquire tools to help you connect to your inner strength and exercise your personal voice

  • Join a community of supportive women leaders

who is it for?

Participation is limited to 28 women. You need not be officially employed as an educator to participate; when we use the term educators we are referring to all those of us who see ourselves as a part of educating the next generation - this includes mothers, grandmothers, aunts, mentors and many others.


We will be creating a supportive community as we enhance our personal competencies and accept responsibility for assisting one another. We have limited the number of participants to so that we can maintain a comfortable space for discussion and collaboration.

Over the course of the weekend we will meet in 4-5 different sessions, facilitated by the HerWisdom team. Our modules will include, but are not limited to:


  • Understanding emotional intelligence competency and honing our own skills in this arena

  • Utilizing our gender attributes to bring our voices into the world

  • Understanding our personal identities as we begin to deconstruct the stereotypical image of success for women

  • Considering the ways in which young women are learning what it means to be a woman today

  • Considering what it means to be a mentor to others and how we can take on this role in the lives of the women around us, as well as find mentors to guide us


"The Her Wisdom experience was invigorating and powerful.  It made feel vulnerable, but at the same time empowered. It was amazing to sit among other strong women who came to the experience with very different backgrounds. We formed a special bond in those days. I felt supported and walked away feeling that I could achieve more than I give myself credit for."   -Arlene P.

"The retreat came at a perfect time when classroom routines were settled and I was ready to breathe again. Being around women that I trust, respect, and admire made it into the safe space I needed in order to do the work that was to be done." -Anusheh H.



Naomi Katz is the author of Beautiful: Being an Empowered Young Woman and the visionary behind the Her Wisdom. She is an educator who has worked with young women for nearly 20 years on four continents with a particular focus on redefining culture for women and girls.


Wende Jager-Hyman is an experienced non-profit leader whose work has been instrumental in empowering and honing the leadership skills of thousands of women throughout the United States, most recently as the Executive Director of the Woodhull Institute.


Andrea Hoban has been leading groups and individuals through transformative change for nearly two decades.  She is known for her motivating and encouraging style that creates a safe space to explore new insight and build action plans related to areas of leadership, mindset and emotional intelligence.

Exciting update!  

The retreat includes an amazing guest workshop with Melanie Salvatore-August

SheFierce; Awakening Inspired Intelligence and Feminine Power

We must know and integrate our truth before we are able to effectively share it and lead the way in the world. This truth is often communicated to us through intuitive feelings in the body.  Through basic joyful movement, clearing sound vibration of our own voice and resonant percussion we will connect to this truth and awaken our innate inspired intelligence to integrate it with our feminine power.  Be prepared to ignite, clear and create together energizing yourself into your best life.  Wear comfortable clothes and shoes to be able to stretch/move, bring writing journal and water also recommended.


About Mel:

Mel is a mama of 3, teacher, author and kindness activist.  As a YogaWorks Senior Teacher Trainer, she has had the honor of teaching many students and educating hundreds of teachers to be a positive force for change in their own lives and the world.  She is skilled at joyfully making the complex become simply actionable and believes the true teacher is within.  With the tools of tantra, hatha, kundilini yoga, reiki, sound healing, theta healing, creative arts and pure love, Mel supports others to connect and trust their own inner wisdom to live their best life.  Utilize her books Kitchen Yoga: Simple Home Practices to Transform Mind, Body and Life Yellow Pear Press 2015 and Fierce Kindness; Be a Positive Force for Change 2017, and Sharing Fierce Kindness postcards; they are wonderful tools for personal support. Her Fierce Kindness organization that believes One Act of Kindness Can Change the Course of a Life.



Rudramandir: A  Center for Spirituality and Healing, Berkeley, CA

26 - 27 January

10:30 am - 5:30 pm 


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